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I have been working with Bill for the past year on a multi-step approach to preserve the wealth my husband and I have worked very hard to build and to diversify our investments and maximize the funds available to us in retirement. Wealth management and preservation is not something most of us spend much time thinking about, but we should! Bill is incredibly knowledgeable in this field, and he is very generous in sharing that knowledge. He has a true commitment to serving the needs of his clients, and he will go above and beyond to help them meet their goals. He is very patient, and never makes you feel foolish if you don’t understand something or need it explained one more time. He is extremely professional, and does what he says he will do every single time. His high level of integrity, service and professionalism is rare and commendable. As a fellow business owner, I admire his work ethic and commitment to his mission of helping educate people in these critically important areas. Bill’s love of learning about all things is very evident, and he is highly intelligent. He is continually curious, and passionate about researching and educating himself on many topics, not just those directly related to his business, which makes him not only good at his job but also a very interesting person. I feel very fortunate to have met Bill and very glad I made the decision to work with him. I feel that he has introduced my husband and I to opportunities that we would otherwise never have known about, and which will be very beneficial to us. I highly recommend working with Bill to reach your financial goals.

Jacqueline Tait,
Notary Public, Chilliwack

Bill is a fantastic addition to any team when you are building your financial wealth. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains things in a way that anyone can understand. Bill knows how to navigate the world of finance in a way that brings complete and solid results. His ability to educate others is a massive advantage over other financial planners and he is continually keeping current on the global and local trends in the market. To top it off, he is a great guy to hang out with and a super conversationalist. I recommend Bill to many of my friends, colleagues and clients and I am happy to know him!

Doug Leskun,
Senior Accountant & Tax Advisor, Leskun & Son Accounting
Chilliwack, Langley and Mission

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