When developing a solid financial plan, we need to achieve your current and future ideals.

Bill Westmacot, Fivefold Financial Owner


Thank you for spending some time with me on Fivefold Financial. Hello, my name is Bill Westmacott and I am the founder and president of Fivefold Financial. I have spent the last 25 years as an entrepreneur and sales professional, and have been mastering the nuances of business, economic cycles, and trends. Most importantly I have developed strategies to grow and protect client’s wealth. We live in a world with significant risk, so we all need to understand this and then implement strategies to minimize major financial set-backs.

My passion as a financial advisor and a life insurance broker since 2005 has been to educate my clients with honest information and help them understand their options. I often say to my clients, “no one should care more about your financial well-being than you”, however, few people have the financial background to make these crucial decisions. My passion lies in working with clients to equip them with critical information and provide transparent guidance, so they make the best decisions for their unique financial goals. In the same way that no one shoe fits all, no one financial plan can incorporate the goals and dreams of all my clients.

On a more personal note. I have been blessed with my wife Tammie of 36 years of marriage and three beautiful grown daughters, a great son-in-law and one wonderful grand-daughter so far. My Christian faith is also very important in my daily life and how I conduct myself. My passion of learning goes well beyond insurance and investing, as I love to read and learn about many topics including health and fitness, relationships, soul health and personal growth. I also enjoy reading history and fiction. Together, my wife and I spend our leisure time travelling, improving fitness and enjoying good food together.

Please contact me if you would like my professional guidance to develop your plan

We make it Simple

Ready to take the next step in planning your financial future together? It’s simple!

Initial Connection Reach out to me so I can get a snapshot of what you are looking for.
Discovery Session We’ll set a time (typically around one hour) so I can fully understand your situation and goals then I will customize a plan with solutions that are unique to you.
Implementation Once you fully understand your customized plan and wish to proceed, we will start the process of implementing it.