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Understanding this new asset class


For the last 15 years, I have been a serious student of life insurance and investment strategies and understanding how the financial system works. As I was daily listening to a broad range of financial commentators I started hearing more and more about cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution probably around 2014. At this point, it was still in the very early stages of marketplace consciousness, except for the early cyberpunks and Techni’s who got it. At first, I really wasn’t that interested, and not having a computer programing background most of it went right over my head. It all seemed so complex.

I continued to be exposed to cryptocurrency knowledge for the next few years. I remember in early 2017 (the beginning of the massive crypto bull-market) the light bulb came on after listening to another crypto analyst…I finally got it. At least, I thought I should start to study this new revolutionary asset class for myself. This was a disruptive technology and the next evolution to safely and securely transfer data, do financial transactions, create smart contracts, and other real-world applications. I began to really study it (I took my first course) and finally I was hooked. Once I began to really understand blockchain and cryptocurrency, then I knew I also needed to invest in this new asset class as a way of diversification. Then the fun began!

Thankfully I did my homework before I started investing. This new market was the “Wild West”, extremely volatile, super high risk, and lots of scoundrels trying to deceive and steal your hard-earned money with fake ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering) to enrich themselves and then disappear. You are thinking, “Why in the world would I want to learn about the crypto-market if it is so dangerous”? The good news is there are several dozen world-class programming teams and hundreds of billions of dollars wanting to help build out exceptional projects with integral leadership. You need to do your homework and discover the wheat from the chaff (most projects are chaff and called “Shit Coins” for a reason).

Would you like a personal educational consulting session? This will save you 100’s of hours of personal research that I did. Generally, the consulting session takes 2 to 3-hours, and we can do it over Zoom, Skype, or in person. I will cover all the most important topics including risk, and how to get you started in considering cryptocurrency as a speculative investment and alternative asset class.

  • We will discuss risk and how to avoid it
  • I will provide legitimate research sites and resources for you to educate yourself and stay on top of the fast-evolving marketplace
  • We will discuss cryptocurrency exchanges. The pro and cons and how to choose one to purchase your first cryptocurrencies…if you so choose.
  • Why you need wallets to protect and store your cryptocurrencies. We will discuss all the options and the safety issues.
  • We will cover a brief history of cryptocurrency and the difference between altcoins and many blockchain projects.
  • How to select quality cryptocurrencies and projects.
  • My Top 13 Picks.

Set up a 2 to 3 hour consulting session

As you already know by now, I love to do education and here is what I cover in my 45 minutes to one- hour seminar’s: Understanding Cryptocurrency & Blockchain a New Asset Class

  • A New Asset Class-Digital Currencies & Blockchain
  • What is Cryptocurrency 101?
  • Why Cryptocurrencies?
  • What is Blockchain 101?
  • The Today and the Future of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.
  • Q & A and Invitation

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