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Chilliwack // BC

Bill Boesterd

Bill understands the current economic realities and how to safeguard against the deterioration of hard-earned wealth. Bill brings a depth of knowledge and experience in assisting his clients to build a financial hedge of protection. I appreciated Bill’s ability to teach and share his past experiences to help me understand how to navigate the potential troubled times ahead.


Nelson // BC

Bruce Coyle

Bill has given me very sound advise. He really cares about me personally and my financial health. His depth of financial knowledge is exceptional. He has a habit of spending hours daily studying financial markets. In addition, he has sought to educate me in order to make the best investment decision

He has integrity and I would thoroughly recommend Bill


Chilliwack // BC

Jerome Bates
In the two (2) years that I have known and worked with Bill, I have found him to be exceptionally trustworthy, knowledgeable and professional. He is an excellent communicator and has a knack for offering up intelligent solutions to various financial issues. Bill displays excellent character and integrity, and is well respected by those who know him. His involvement in the community, his church and his business all contribute to him being a superior financial educator and solution provider.


Kelowna // BC

S. Backman

Bill Westmacott strongly adheres to a value of integrity. He has definitely put the time in and draws from a very deep and broad financial knowledge and expertise base. His experience allows him to ensure that his clients are well equipped to have everything they need in order to make well, informed financial decisions. Not only does Bill provide an accessibility to advise and answer any question that may come up, he is committed to his clients ongoing highest and best financial interest and well being – which has been most appreciated.


Lake Country // BC

Chris Weigel

I first met Bill 3 years ago when he called on my business. It so happened I had a bit of free time so I listened to what he had to say. It was soon apparent that he had a view of the financial and investing world that was different and contrary to what I had been listening to from my adviser, who pushed what her company told her to. What was also obvious was his deep desire to help. I was definitely not a client that would make Bill a lot of money, yet he spent a considerable amount of time leading me in a direction that over these years has preserved my capital and realized some nice returns that were unexpected. Recently I even took the opportunity to pick his brain on cryptocurrency, this time not surprised that he had been studying it in depth for years. I look forward to taking advantage of Bill’s tremendous breadth of knowledge and calm certainty as we enter what could be turbulent times ahead.


Notary Public // Chilliwack

Jacqueline Tait

I have been working with Bill for the past year on a multi-step approach to preserve the wealth my husband and I have worked very hard to build and to diversify our investments and maximize the funds available to us in retirement. Wealth management and preservation is not something most of us spend much time thinking about, but we should! Bill is incredibly knowledgeable in this field, and he is very generous in sharing that knowledge. He has a true commitment to serving the needs of his clients, and he will go above and beyond to help them meet their goals. He is very patient, and never makes you feel foolish if you don’t understand something or need it explained one more time. He is extremely professional, and does what he says he will do every single time. His high level of integrity, service and professionalism is rare and commendable. As a fellow business owner, I admire his work ethic and commitment to his mission of helping educate people in these critically important areas. Bill’s love of learning about all things is very evident, and he is highly intelligent. He is continually curious, and passionate about researching and educating himself on many topics, not just those directly related to his business, which makes him not only good at his job but also a very interesting person. I feel very fortunate to have met Bill and very glad I made the decision to work with him. I feel that he has introduced my husband and I to opportunities that we would otherwise never have known about, and which will be very beneficial to us. I highly recommend working with Bill to reach your financial goals.

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