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Wealth Foundation Series Course.

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I developed the Wealth Foundation Series from my nearly 30 years of experience as an investor, professional insurance broker/investment advisor and business owner. I have sat down with hundreds of people over my career and realized that most people lack basic financial knowledge and the skills to build long-term wealth. Like myself, many people were not taught at home or in school how the financial system works. I, too, had to learn wealth principles and disciplines mainly from trial and error (especially in my early years) experience and diligent study that continues.

The Wealth Foundation Series is ideal for teaching teenagers to someone in their 80’S. Would you like to sharpen your financial IQ and gain sound wealth principles covering many essential topics? It is one thing to build wealth and quite another to protect it. I will teach you both. Becoming a wealth student is a lifelong journey.

This dynamic course starts with my introduction and then covers six key lessons. The videos range from 13 minutes to 27 minutes, and you will be able to print off the study guide to follow along with me and take notes. Each lesson has a quiz at the end to ensure you are grasping the main points of each lesson. So what will you learn?

What You Will Learn

Special Pricing

I have lowered the price of my Wealth Foundations Course! I want to help as many people as possible learn what it takes to build wealth and protect it over their lifetime.