Wealth Foundation Series Course Available This Week (July 2, 2021).


Maybe you are like me I had little to no financial education growing up or as a young adult. In fact, I wasn’t really interested in wealth or how to obtain it until my early thirties. At that point in my life, I realized wealth was important and I had a lot of learning to do which I diligently pursued. I also soon realized that knowledge without application is useless, so I became to apply what I learned. The course will give you key information on wealth and challenge you to apply principles in your life. The Wealth Foundation Series was created to help ordinary people or even sophisticated investors who want to hone their skills and think clearly regarding wealth. I will take you on my journey of nearly 30 years as a wealth student, business owner and as a professional life insurance broker and investment specialist.

Please view the brief promotional video and consider taking this six-lesson course as I believe it will positively impact your life and your understanding of the importance of wealth that lasts a lifetime. At checkout, please use the $100 discount coupon code: first100.

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