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I have a referral agreement with Accilent Capital Management Inc. and I can introduce clients to exceptional, active, portfolio management with low fees, hedging strategies, and sophisticated tools that Mark and his team utilize. Mark has over a 20-year track record of growing client’s assets and more importantly protecting client’s money in turbulent markets.

The vast majority of Canadians have their investments in passively management money, often in mutual funds, individual stocks, ETF’s or Index funds. When markets are relatively stable these types of funds or stocks can do well; however, in extremely volatile markets and global recessions this type of management (passive) can be disastrous and significant losses can be realized.
An important question, how many of you have actually talked with your fund manager and discussed your goals and risk level? I can arrange a personal call with Mark to ensure that you feel comfortable with his style and feel confident you are making a great decision on who manages your money. Mark and his team currently have five portfolio mandates: Income, Conservative, Balanced, Growth, and Alternative (a combination of several private equity products).

Please reach out to me if you would like to discuss having a portion of your wealth managed by Mark and his team. I will do a thorough review of your financial plan and Accilent Capital always performs a comprehensive KYC (Know Your Client) interview as part of its onboarding process, (100K minimum).

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Mark Taucar



Mark Taucar

Mark Taucar, CFA manages discretionary client assets through Accilent Select. Mark brings Portfolio Management expertise and an accomplished ability to develop investment platforms and products to Accilent Capital Management Inc. He has developed product solutions for Exempt Market Dealers, Mutual Fund Reps, Independent Financial Planners, Insurance Agents and IIROC registrants.

Mark has authored articles for FundLibrary.com and has also appeared with BNN TV as an expert in Exchange Traded Funds. He is also a faculty member with the Knowledge Bureau™- Canada’s leading post-secondary educational institute and publisher focused on excellence in financial education for professional advisors and their clients – where he instructs on topics of portfolio construction and management.

Mark brings almost two decades of a combination of financial service experience and portfolio management expertise. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is an active member of the Toronto CFA Society. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University in 1998.