Travel Insurance

Don’t leave home without it…!


“Don’t leave home without it” was a great slogan that was done for American Express (developed Ally & Gargano in 1982)” and I still remember the TV ad from years ago. However, this slogan should also apply every time you travel outside of Canada. Even traveling across Canada outside your home province can cause significant financial setbacks if you do not have proper coverage. Travel insurance is to cover “unexpected accidents and sickness” …not preconditions.

What if you have family, friends, or students visiting Canada for a few weeks, months, or longer? Well, I can provide great medical coverage options to cover them while they enjoy our great country or stay as a student. There are family or single plans, several benefits, and deductible options. There are always eligibility criteria, so before I do a quote, I need to ensure you are eligible for coverage and explain if there are exclusions.

As a life insurance broker, I can also offer excellent travel coverage from some of the top carriers in Canada and shop for you to get the best pricing. Please reach out to me if you need help before you travel.

As a life insurance broker in BC I can solve your travel insurance needs