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“Why Precious Metals Need to be a Part of your Portfolio”


2008 was a real wake up period for me as a professional financial advisor. I thought this is crazy, we had just gone through the 2000 tech-crash 8 years earlier where many people had lost huge sums of their wealth (I too took a big hit); and now here we are again with a 50% crash in people’s portfolios. What in the world is going on? After this personal shock, I thought why do we have repeated crashes in the financial world? Great question, so I have been on a long journey of answering this very important question which continues to this day.

In my research I discovered there where at least a couple dozen people who foresaw the 2008 crash and tried to warm people. Sadly, most people did not get the warning and those who did many did not listen at there own losses. One of the persons I discovered in my search was a gentleman by the name Mike Maloney, who was a successful business person from California and built a quality bullion dealership called GoldSilver.com. What impressed me about Mike was his honesty, research and passion to educate people.

Mike wrote the NY best-selling book called, “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver” and you can get your free copy by downloading it. The book is an excellent read on the history of precious metals, understanding the value of gold and silver in preserving your wealth and purchasing power. Also, how to avoid scams and so much moren

Invite me to do a another “Outside the Box” seminar on “Why Precious Metals Need to be a Part of your Portfolio”. I will cover:
  • Market Cycles and Your Biggest Risk to Your Wealth
  • The Debt Cycle
  • What Happens to Fiat Currencies?
  • Why Precious Metals…Gold and Silver?
  • How Much Gold and Silver should be in My Portfolio?
  • Precious Metals Performance
  • What are Central Banks and Big Money Doing?
  • Understanding a Wealth Transfer Cycle

For almost a decade I have helped clients purchase gold and silver from one of the largest and most trusted bullion dealers in Canada. We can do Cash, RRSP and TFSA, minimum 5K. Reach out to me if you would like to discuss this investment option.

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Interview with

Robert Levy

Managing Director of Border Gold, a premium bullion dealer in Canada. Rob shares his thoughts on financial markets and why one may consider to diversify and hedge their wealth with physical precious metals.

What do Eastern Nations know that most Western Nations and people are ignoring? Over the last decade China, India, Turkey, and Russia have been buying huge tonnage of Gold and Silver. This phenomenon is not exclusive to these few countries, Central Banks, other nations, billionaires, and wise investors have been doing the same. Have a significant portion of your wealth in physical gold and silver. Reach out to me for guidance and purchasing physical precious metals.

Gold has been the best-performing asset class since 2000 out preforming all major indexes, with an average of about 10% ROI…with the exception of cryptocurrency which has beaten all asset classes. Again, past performance does not guarantee future returns.

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“Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver” Protect Your Financial Future.

Disclaimer: At Fivefold, we offer a wide variety of insurance and financial products, including the purchase, sale and storage of physical gold and silver.  I am authorized to refer you, if you are interested, to a Border Gold Corp.