Seg-Funds, GIA's & Annuities


Segregated Funds and Eight Key Features

  • Guarantee’s on maturity of the contract and death benefits. In a very uncertain world Seg-funds can create peace of mind for some of your wealth, with 75% to 100% guarantees on your deposited money and 100% death benefit paid outside of your estate.
  • GMWB (Guaranteed Minimal Withdrawal Benefit). Would you like a portion of your income guaranteed? Again, the GMWB can bring peace of mind and income certainty.
  • Creditor Protection: For business owners or individuals this can protect a portion of your hard-earned money in the event of a bankruptcy.
  • Control: Seg-Funds can have legacy options and annuity settlements from the grave. Lump sums can be paid out annually to your beneficiaries, rather than one huge payment.
  • Cost Savings: Surrender fees are waved upon death. Because all Seg-Funds have a beneficiary designation it prevents addition legal, accounting, executor fees which can be up to 5% of your invested monies. Also, no probate fees which saves another 1.4%.
  • Privacy: All monies paid out privately and great for blended families and charities.
  • Simplified Taxation: Provide T3 annually based on PAC deposits and SWP dispositions.
  • Time Factor: Probate and Estate can tie up monies from 6 months to two years and if the Will is challenged then years! Monies paid out usually in one month.

Why GIA’s (Guaranteed Investment Account)

GIA’s Key Features

  • 100% guarantees on your monies
  • Often better rates than bank GIC’s
  • Can create ladder strategies for the liquidity of your money, for example 1-month, I-year, 2-year, 3-year terms, etc.
  • Not locked in like most GIC’s. There will be a small fee for early withdrawal
  • Beneficiary Designation. Keeps assets outside of the estate. 30-day pay-out in most cases

Annuity Key Features

  • Provides a guaranteed income for life or for a specified period
  • You can create a fixed income for a portion of your monies and have a variable income for another part to give the potential of increased income based on an investment option
  • There are several types of annuities so we can customize to fit your objectives
  • Flexible income options
  • You can have joint or survival options

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