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Bill’s Blog | January 5, 2023 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday break. Just as a quick commentary on the markets, January is an important month to watch as it is often a harbinger of what is to come for the year. As I have mentioned, January 2022 was the worst market start in 100 years, and all major markets ended negatively by year-end. The only bright spots were oil/natural gas and precious metals, which all ended positively. 

As a reminder, I offer many financial and insurance solutions and seminars. 

  • Are you looking for financial education in your workplace or with a group you belong to in the Fraser Valley or Lower Mainland? I have 14 topics I cover, and they are free seminars (45 minutes plus Q&A); you can check my website for details. I can also offer education in a webinar format for those beyond my local region. 
  • I help clients looking to protect and diversify part of their wealth into physical investment-grade gold and silver. I work with one of Canada’s most respected bullion dealers and provide preferred pricing for my clients (price match guarantee). The investment can be in Cash, RRSP or TFSA. We also provide vaulting services.
  • Active Portfolio Management: I may have the solution for you if you are looking for a top defensive portfolio manager with 100% alignment with his clients and a proven track record. We can start with 100K of family or individual assets. The investment can be Cash, RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, LIRA, and a PPP (pension). Mark has managed 100’s millions of client money over his career.
  • Personal Pension Plan (PPP): Are you incorporated as a business owner and have part of your income T4? Did you know you can set up a pension plan similar to government workers? Superior to RRSPs, IPPs with up to seven tax write-offs and the possibility to roll your current RRSP into a PPP.
  • Private Equity: I have referral agreements with two long-term friends I trust who specializes in investments outside the stock market. They are both very selective in their recommended investment options and only with proven long-term investments.   
  • Life Insurance Investments: Many options can provide superior protection and many benefits that are not available with other investment vehicles: Whole life policies, Segregated Funds, Guaranteed Investment Accounts (superior to GICs, in my opinion), Guaranteed Income for Life solutions and Annuities. Also, Group Savings plans.
  • I offer the Wealth Foundation Series online course. The six-lesson course will teach all the fundamentals to build wealth over your lifetime. The course can be completed over a couple of evenings or a weekend. Ideal for teens and adults of all ages. After taking the course, you will know more about investing than 90% of Canadians. Each lesson has video teaching and a downloadable workbook to follow and take notes—Winter Special Pricing: $49 CA.
  • Cryptocurrency Education: Would you like to learn all the critical things you need to know about crypto before you invest a penny? I have five years of successful investing in the crypto markets and can guide you on when to be in and when to be out. I offer a 3-hour educational session in person or with a group. The teaching can be in person or online.
  • Life Insurance Broker in British Columbia: There are four basic options for structuring life insurance, and I can help you find the best solution for your needs. There are permanent, term, and hybrid solutions. Also, I can often help those with challenges getting insurance.
  • Protecting Your Income: I offer a wide range of Critical Illness coverage from basic (cancer, heart & stroke) to 26 conditions covered. Disability Insurance: Statics say if you are not back to work within 90 days, the likelihood is that you will be off for up to two years. Can you afford not to have income for two years?
  • Travel Insurance: Do not leave home without it. I offer competitive travel insurance rates for foreign travel, student travel and visitors to Canada.
  • Group Benefits or Health Spending Account: There are many options regarding setting up a group plan for the first time or doing a renewal. Please let me know if you need guidance. Health Spending Accounts can be an excellent option for many business owners, and you can offer several add-ons to make them similar in coverage to a group plan. A vital benefit of an HSA is to control health benefit costs for your business and retain quality team members. To qualify for the HSA, you much be incorporated.
  • Banking & Mortgage Solutions: I have a referral agreement with several lenders in Canada to address many of your banking and mortgage needs. From those wanting to refinance, to pay off their mortgage sooner, and those struggling to get home financing. 
  • Personal Consult or Second Opinion: I have over 25 years of business experience and 17 years as a professional insurance/investment person. If you are considering making a significant financial decision in 2023, consider seeking wise counsel to ensure you know all your options and make the best decision. 

I am here to serve you in 2023, and please consider reaching out to me if you need help with any of the solutions I offer. Also, if you have a friend or family member that needs help, please pass my Blog to them.

All the best in 2023!

Bill Westmacott, Owner


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