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Bill’s Blog | November 6, 2023

For those who are regular readers of my blog, you may have noticed I have not published anything for a few weeks. All is well. However, I have decided to go to a monthly format rather than weekly. If you find value in my blogs, please share them with family and friends. 

How can I serve you in 2024? I thought it would be helpful to remind you of my many services and solutions.

Financial Education:

  • My monthly blog, stay on top of the latest.
  • Free seminars & lunch and learn for businesses or organizations
  • Quarterly webinars with top market experts
  • My online video course is called “The Wealth Foundation Series.” Six lessons to teach you the fundamentals to build wealth over your lifetime and develop your personal wealth plan. My course can be completed in less than 2 hours and comes with a study guide. Still, with the low price of $49CA
  • Cryptocurrency consulting and education. Three-hour session to teach you all the critical things you need to know before you deploy any capital.

Life Insurance Broker in BC:

  • Term and Permanent Life Insurance solutions. I will teach you the four options.
  • Critical Illness insurance to protect you from life’s serious health curve balls. Tax-free lump sum payouts when you need them.
  • Disability insurance. Income or supplementing income to help you through a severe disability.
  • Travel insurance. Don’t travel without coverage.

Segregated Funds: Seven Benefits

  • Guarantees around your money and death benefit
  • Guarantee Monthly Withdrawal Benefit: Income for life solutions
  • Creditor protection
  • Cost savings when a person passes on
  • Privacy: money outside of the estate with beneficiary designation
  • Simplified taxation
  • Time factor when money is transferred upon death, usually 30 days or less. Not six months to two years with probate.

Guaranteed Investment Funds and High-Interest Savings Account:

  • Very competitive rates and keep your money outside of your estate. Excellent estate planning solutions.

Further Wealth Solutions & Diversification:

  • Active Portfolio Management with one of Canada’s top defensive portfolio managers. You can start with 100K (not the 500K to 2 million plus assets many firms require).
  • Purchase physical investment grade Gold & Silver: Cash, RRSP, and TFSA. Vaulting service available.
  • Select Private Equity under a referral agreement with a trusted advisor.
  • Personal Pension Plans or IPPs for Business Owners are superior to RRSP’s

Business Employee RRSP Plan

  • Learn your options to reward your team and attract talent

Business Group Health & Dental Plans or Health Spending Accounts:

  • Learn the best fit for yourself and your team to cover health and dental coverage.
  • A Health Spending Account (HSA) may be an excellent option for small incorporated business owners. 
  • Individual Health & Dental Plans are also available.

Referral Relationships with trusted experts:

  • Mortgage specialist with three different companies. Each company (bank) has unique solutions based on different people’s needs: conventional mortgages, LOCs, and short-term financing, and for those committed to paying off their mortgage quicker.
  • Notary Public services: property transactions and will specialist
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Other business specialists in many different sectors based on my client base in BC.

I will provide a Year in Review and 2024 forecast in early January.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.

Bill Westmacott, Owner of Fivefold Financial

Financial Education & Honest Solutions Create Success

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