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I hope you had a good Christmas break and time to recharge and refocus on your goals and dreams for 2022. I was able to take my day retreat and had a fantastic time reflecting, journaling and setting the course of my life for this New Year. I hope you were able to do the same. We all need to live with hope, purpose and feel we are making a difference through our lives. I wish you and your family God’s blessings in 2022 with all of its challenges and opportunities. 

So, how can I serve you in 2022? For those who have followed me for a while, you will know my passion is financial education and providing quality solutions in a growing complex financial world. But, unfortunately, we often make poor decisions due to not having adequate financial knowledge. So, let me introduce the wide range of services I can help you with and develop a solid wealth plan.

  • I am a fully licensed life insurance broker in British Columbiaand I can provide a broad range of solutions to anyone in the province. From life insurance, critical illness, disability, and segregated funds and from basic strategies to more complex. I can do my introduction meeting with online technology, access your needs, follow up with proposals, and complete the application process 100% online. I follow a simple three-step process to make it easy for you and help you build a solid plan. Insurance strategies are excellent for estate planning.
  • I have guided clients to purchase physical investment-grade precious metals (gold and silver) for over a decade. This asset class provides diversification and an insurance policy (hedge) against the destructive money printing to our purchasing power. I work with one of Canada’s most respected bullion dealers and provide preferred pricing for my clients on purchasing and when it is time to sell. We also provide vaulting services in Canada and abroad at a very fair price. I can help anyone in Canada or the USA. 
  • Private Equity Solutions: I have a referral agreement with two long-term friends (both licensed in multiple provinces) to provide quality alternative investments to diversify outside the stock markets. Please get in touch with me for details.
  • Services for business owners and professionals: Health Spending Accounts (HSA) to complete group plans.
  • Personal Pension Plans (PPP): Are you incorporated in Canada or a partnership? Then you would qualify for a PPP. I can provide you and your accountant with all the help you need to build more wealth with a PPP and exceptional tax advantages over an RRSP.
  • Active Discretionary Portfolio Management. I have a referral arrangement with one of Canada’s top defensive wealth managers. Most Canadians have their wealth in passively managed funds. As markets have become highly volatile, it would be wise to have a proven professional portfolio manager actively protecting your hard-earned wealth. Please reach out to me, and I can arrange a 30-minute introduction meeting to see if Mark is an excellent fit for you. 100K minimum family assets.
  • Banking and mortgage services: I have a referral arrangement with two major financial institutions in Canada to guide you into the best solution for refinancing your home or for first-time buyers. 
  • Cryptocurrency consulting: Are you ready to start the process of learning about one of the most innovative technologies in the last 100 years. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are changing the world financially, how data is processed, and hundreds of other real-world applications (Defi, NFT’s, contracts, gaming, etc.). However, the Crypto markets are extraordinarily volatile and still very much a 100% speculation. There are 100’s of world-class projects, but thousands that are either scams and will end up in the trash bin of history as they are not set up legally or fulfill global crypto regulation. So before you do anything, please educate yourself before adding one dollar into this market. So whether you come to me for consulting (usually a 3-hour online session) or other legitimate educators, this should be your first step.
  • Travel Insurance: Do not leave home without it, especially as our world and travel have become increasingly unstable. Getting stuck in a foreign country with a severe health issue can wipe you or your family out financially. Please reach out to me, and I can have a quote for you that day and have you protected for your next trip with one of Canada’s top providers.
  • I want to invite you to take my online course, Wealth Foundation Series, sometime in 2022. I cover six of the most important foundational principles to build wealth and learn how to protect it over your lifetime. Here is what you will learn:
  • What is wealth, and why is it important?
  • Become a wealth student and choose your mentors wisely.
  • Foundations of long-term wealth.
  • Risks and pitfalls of wealth.
  • Critical financial market cycles you need to understand.
  • I will walk you through developing your wealth plan.

On special for $249, and you can go through each lesson a few times, take notes to help you learn and apply the six principles to your financial well-being.

Lastly, if you need a second opinion on a significant financial decision, I am happy to help you, and we can schedule a Zoom call or phone call. May you have a blessed 2022!

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