Michael Campbell interviews Canadian business and investment icon Frank Giustra & Pavilion Super Flow-Through Webinar on Aug. 31, 23, 12 pm PST.


I have taken a summer break from my Blogs, but I am back with more financial education and solutions for you.

For those who follow me regularly you will know I spend hours each week listening to expert analysts globally on all matters that pertain to financial welfare. One of my weekly stops is listening to Michael Campbell’s Money Talks, as he provides excellent content on critical financial topics that affect all Canadians and beyond. This week, Mike’s key guest was Frank Guistra, who provided excellent commentary on why our Canadian dollar purchasing power has declined rapidly and will continue. As important as understanding how fiat currency works, Frank provides insights on how to protect your wealth. I strongly encourage you to listen to the interview (Mike’s intro and the interview 32.5 minutes). 


Please get in touch with me if you would like to chat after listening to the interview. I have been teaching the same truths that Frank shares for well over a decade.

Second, I invite you to learn about Pavilion’s Resource flow through this Thursday at noon PST and if you earn over 80K a year and are looking for an alternative to an RRSP (this is a non-reg investment with excellent write-offs). 

Pavilion is hosting a presentation on August 31 @ noon Pacific Time.

Don’t forget to register yourself!

There will be a 30-minute overview of flow through and Pavilion Resources Fund followed by a Q & A with Portfolio Manager, Mr. Dan Pembleton.


If you would like to learn more about Pavilion, I can contact my referral partner, who can answer any questions and help you with the application process.

I hope you enjoyed your summer as much as we did, but it was also sad at all the fires and damage done in BC and Canada. My heart goes out to those in Kelowna who were impacted and lost their homes and businesses. 

Keep learning and take the appropriate actions with your finances, as I foresee more financial volatility in the fall and winter seasons.

All the best,

Bill Westmacott, Financial Educator and Solution Provider.

Financial Education & Honest Solutions Create Success

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