Protecting Your Wealth in Uncertain Times


Bill’s Blog | May 26, 2022

Last week I discussed retirement, and there are many hurdles to getting there:

  • Having sufficient time to build wealth.
  • Not taking significant capital losses.
  • Being correctly diversified.
  • Having a well-thought-out plan.
  • Creating several income streams.

So I will share an idea with you that could be an excellent choice for a part of your wealth. 

Being a life insurance broker, I have the privilege and responsibility to find my clients the best products and solutions from dozens of carriers. Would you be interested if you could have a portion of your wealth in a product that guarantees an income for life? It also has a 4% annual bonus on the capital deposited for 20 years to protect your income, providing downside protection in turbulent markets. First, having a portion of your wealth providing a guaranteed income is critical to achieving retirement. Second, protecting your capital on the journey is a must. 

So who would be the ideal client for this product? Someone in their mid-forties and beyond. The minimum deposit is 10K, and it can be registered, TFSA or non-registered money. Here is a short video explaining key benefits:

You can start the income as young as 55 years old, but the longer you defer the income, the greater the guaranteed income percentage. For example, at age 65, the payout percentage is 4%, or at age 70, 4.3%. 

This solution can create peace of mind toward your retirement goals. If you would like to learn more about this product, please reach out to me for an initial introduction meeting. Then, I can help any person in BC with this product, and we can complete the application online. 

At Fivefold Financial, I am focused on educating my clients and providing a wide range of solutions to help you achieve your financial, insurance and retirement goals. Please visit my website to learn more at: 

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