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Bill’s Blog | November 18, 2021

A good friend of mine and fellow investor in precious metals sent me some information this week from a respected silver analyst and newsletter writer, and I felt it was essential to pass it on to you. His name is Peter Krauth, and he is a regular guest on several investment shows and a conference speaker. I will attach Peter’s video that he did last week at the Metals Investor Forum (less than 24 minutes) but full of outstanding analysis on silver as an investment. 

Here are a few of the key factors on why you may want to have a position in silver.

  • We are experiencing financial repression, meaning the lowest interest rates in 5000 years and high inflation. We are experiencing the highest inflation in Canada in 18 years and 31 years for the USA. 
  • All commodity prices rise in inflation.
  • There is a global push for the Green Revolution, and silver is a primary commodity to make it a reality (solar panels, Electric Vehicles, high-tech electronics, etc.)
  • Silver supply in 2021 was in a significant deficit for the second time in the last decade. As a result, silver miners cannot keep up with current demands or fulfill the Green Revolution needs at these prices.
  • Silver is the CHEAPEST commodity on the planet. Silver is -43% lower in price than in the 1980 high of $50 US. During the same time frame, gold was up by 112.3%, copper 205.1% and iron ore 1316.5%.
  • In the 1970s, silver bull market silver provided a 3660% return. From 2001 to 2011, silver provided a 1080% return. 
  • Silver stocks can provide a 5X leverage to the physical spot price.
  • Peter explains his rationale for silver peaking at over $300 per ounce in this bull market. Today silver is just under $25 US in price. 
  • Along with many financial experts, Peter believes we are in a major commodity and silver bull market, and I agree.
  • Peter’s final thoughts are, “Be early and be right.” Silver is far more volatile than gold, but it gives it the explosive upside potential, especially near the end of a bull market. 

Would you please watch Peter’s presentation and maybe a couple of times as I have to fully grasp his analysis of silver as a solid investment opportunity.

If you are serious about investing in silver, please do your research BEFORE you invest. On the other hand, if you need guidance and want to purchase physical investment-grade metals as a start, please reach out to me as I provide preferred pricing for my clients with one of the most respected and trusted bullion dealers in Canada. 

If you want to explore silver stocks, I recommend you check out Peter’s newsletter through Resource Maven:

As a note, I receive zero compensation recommending these newsletters. 

Second, I also really like David Morgan (the silver guru) and the “Morgan Report” newsletter he produces. 

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