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Bill’s Blog | October 27th, 2022

If I was to travel to any country on the planet and ask a person this simple question, “Would you like to become wealthy?” Almost without exception, the answer would be a resounding YES! Why? Many people have a dream, the desire but no realistic plan to achieve it. As a result, most people will never become wealthy, even in developed nations.

Another critical point is that Wealth is subjective, and each person will have a different definition of Wealth, which is perfectly normal. Many forms of true Wealth have nothing to do with money or assets. Most people will never build generational Wealth that takes decades, incredible skill, perseverance, hard work, overcoming mistakes, and, in many cases, done through business ownership, vast real estate holdings or other asset classes. There are also many potential moral hazards in building this type of Wealth. We have all read stories or seen movies about individuals who shipped wrecked their lives by building empires (Howard Hughes comes to mind). Or the person who received the “Silver Spoon” and never learned the value of hard work, ethics or the skills to maintain Wealth.

So, why did I create the Wealth Foundations Series course? To help ordinary people learn the foundational skills and disciplines necessary to build Wealth. Whether your goal is 500K or 2 million or more, the same skills are needed, which I share through the six lessons.


  • What is Wealth, and why is it important?
  • Become a wealth student and choose your mentors wisely
  • Foundations of long-term Wealth
  • Risks and pitfalls of Wealth
  • Key financial market cycles you need to understand
  • Developing your wealth plan

If you do not have a clear picture of what Wealth is to you and what you want to work towards, you will most likely never achieve it. As Robert Kiyosaki famously said, “Building Wealth is a team sport.” I discuss the importance of building a trusted team with integral and skilled people around your life. There are no shortcuts to building Wealth, and I discuss the fundamentals required to achieve your goals. 

Also, I address the fallacy of quick rich schemes that promise the world but seldom deliver or teach the necessary disciplines to build Wealth over your lifetime and protect it. Every investment has multiple risks, and most significant financial setbacks occur by not understanding this or having the ability to think through all the potential landmines. I have already alluded to the fact wealth has pitfalls, and loving money at the cost of everything around you creates incredible pain and loss in your life and those close to you. Creating Wealth at the cost of a balanced life has many tragic stories, so please do not be one of them. 

Next, I cover several financial cycles you need to understand that will impact your ability to create Wealth long-term. Have you noticed the global financial system is facing many challenges? We hear of another crisis almost weekly: massive bailouts, social unrest, and the breakdown of many systems. I am getting wearied hearing the word “Unprecedented,” but it does not want to go away. I would argue much of this is related to multiple cycles unfolding simultaneously, as I cover in the course. Finally, I will walk you through developing a financial plan for your life or adjusting a current one. I discuss the importance of creating a plan, reviewing it frequently, journaling and tweaking it when necessary. 

As I have learned, not everything works out as planned, and some strategies are not a good fit for you. But, no big deal, education is part of the journey; learn from your mistakes and hopefully not repeat the same ones. Creating Wealth is a journey with twists and turns on the road, and there can be many false opportunities or distractions. So, learn to master one wealth strategy at a time. As one of my early wealth mentors shared an ancient Chinese proverb, “He who chases two rabbits losses both.” 

If the course intrigues you and you want to learn financial skills, then I encourage you to take the course. The course is ideal for anyone wanting to improve handling money and learning the disciplines of building Wealth (late teen to age 70’s plus). It is not a long course and can be completed over an evening or two or on the weekend. You have six weeks of access to the online course, and I recommend you do it with a friend or a spouse (even do it a couple of times) and take notes with the study guide. The course is on Special for $99.00 CA. Here is the sign-up access:

Also, as a reminder, please register for the upcoming webinar (on November 12th Saturday, 10 AM PST) as I interview silver expert Peter Krauth (Best selling author, conference speaker, newsletter writer and analyst). Forty-five minutes with a short Q&A to follow. Learn about a new investment idea from one of the best in the industry.

Please register and feel free to invite your friends to this Webinar:

Remember, “Increase your financial IQ, and you will make better money decisions.”

Best regards,

Bill Westmacott, Owner 

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