Transfer Your RRSP to a Physical Gold & Silver RRSP Account.


Bill’s Blog | December 1st, 2022

Did you know you can have a part or 100% of your RRSP/TFSA/RESP in physical Gold or Silver vaulted with Brinks? There are no tax consequences as we transfer from one RRSP investment to another. Unfortunately, this year’s markets have been highly volatile, and I do not see that changing anytime soon. In addition, the continued drama with Central banks rising interest rates and the many government policies create substantial inflation problems. Precious metals may be one of the safest investment options for years to come. 

Gold and Silver provide a reliable way to diversify your wealth and protect your purchasing power, as we have high inflation and unsustainable debts globally. I expect 2023 to continue to be a very challenging year, and I will provide a forecast for the New Year before the year ends.

The minimum investment should be 10K. Then, I can help you decide the best allocation for Gold and Silver and explain your options. Gold is the ultimate safe haven and pure money with a 4000-year-plus track record. Central banks have been purchasing record amounts of Gold this year to diversify their balance sheets and protect their institutions with real wealth. I recommend you do the same thing. They know the current system is unsustainable, and many people I meet with feel the same way. The key is to be proactive and build a position in precious metals before another significant market event. 

Second, long-term, if history repeats, Silver will outperform Gold as an asset class. Therefore, I recommend having both metals as part of your mid to long-term wealth strategy. To get an idea of where both metals may rise in the coming years, please watch my recent interview with Silver expert Peter Krauth on my YouTube channel:

Please contact me if you have questions, and transferring your RRSP/TFSA/RESP is pretty simple. Also, you can purchase Gold and Silver with cash. Please let me know if you need guidance. I have been helping clients purchase precious metals for over 12 years.

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Bill Westmacott, Owner

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