Two of the most critical (financial videos) 39 minutes you will ever watch…thank you, Mike Malony!


Bill Blog | August 16, 2021

I want to give a huge thank you to Mike Maloney (Founder of as a mentor of mine for over 13 years and his passion for educating ordinary people on monetary history, the consequences of irresponsible political leaders (past and present) and how their economic cycles repeat. The first video, Happy Birthday US Fiat Dollar: USA’s Greatest Crime (11 minutes): Watch Now, introduces the 9th in a series of brilliant videos (created in 2018). Please watch Mike’s video on his YouTube Channel: Fall Of Empires: Rome vs USA (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 9): Https:// (28 minutes) with 2.7M views.

As a critical point, our current Canadian politicians (the majority of both Federal and Provincial) are repeating the same mistakes as our south of the border political cousins. The politicians create serious financial problems, endless regulations, increase taxes and then deflect and blame it on honest Canadians, business people, free markets or whatever is convenient.

Suppose you do not understand why we have massive real inflation (around 10% and growing), broken markets, never-ending central bank and government interventions. In that case, the videos will explain what is happening as history repeats right before our eyes. 

The Canadian housing market is out of control (unaffordable for young people and a growing section of the population) thanks to the Central bank’s historic low-interest rates due to unprecedented debts and the purchasing of 3.5 billion in bonds weekly to fund an equally out of control government. 

The consequences for all Canadians will continue to be higher taxes, more interventions, more government control, distorted markets, loss of purchasing power and the growing division and social unrest. 

I hope you remember this on the flash election called. The election is a power grab (in my opinion), and our current elected ruling party’s (coalition) policies have produced unprecedented damage to the Canadian economy and families from coast to coast. The government has created unparalleled deficits comparable to WW2 and has no intention of stopping the extreme debt expansion! The video explains what the outcome most likely will be.

Action steps, please watch both videos as they are essential for you to understand what is going on (history is repeating, just different actors on the stage). Second, consider reaching out to me for guidance on what you may need to do to protect yourself, your family and your wealth. 

These are challenging days with so much going on. The temptation is to do nothing and be overwhelmed (in my professional opinion, both are poor financial decisions with potentially serious consequences). We cannot control what others are doing, but we can make better decisions for our financial well-being. You can reach me at or at 778-539-7107. Would you please visit for more information?

All the best for the remainder of 2021,



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