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Bill’s Blog | May 4, 2023

I have been warning for years that our current debt-based system is unsustainable. The result is lots of volatility and business/bank/personal defaults. Again, another big US bank failed over the weekend (First Republic), and more are coming. Unfortunately, most Canadians are still complacent and do not recognize the situation’s seriousness. As a result, we will likely see another significant market drop in 2023, and the remainder of the decade will be very challenging. 

I often say, “Anyone can tell you there is a problem, but I can share several solutions to protect your wealth.” You do not get hero metals if your portfolio crashes 30, 40 or 50% plus! Rule number one, protect your capital. Second, have an experienced portfolio manager who understands the market dangers and can adjust accordingly. Active portfolio management is superior in unstable periods, which we are currently in.   

The majority of Canadians still have their investments passively managed. That means the manager sets the portfolio and returns maybe once a year to rebalance, or they must be fully invested. So what happens if you have a significant crash? Well, you take a massive loss to your investments. Do you remember 2000 and 2008? Both times we saw a 50% crash in the markets, and we are overdue for another that may be even worse. Having your investments managed passively is like having them on auto-pilot. The strategy works fine in sunny weather but not so much in a massive storm. So, today I will focus on one critical solution to protect your wealth.

I have a referral agreement with Accilent Capital Management Inc. As a result, I can introduce clients to exceptional, active portfolio management with low fees, hedging strategies, and sophisticated tools that Mark and his team utilize. Mark has over a 23-year track record of growing clients’ assets and, more importantly, protecting clients’ money in turbulent markets. Here is a quick introduction to Mark Taucar.

Mark Taucar, CFA, manages discretionary client assets through Accilent Select. Mark brings Portfolio Management expertise and an accomplished ability to develop investment platforms and products to Accilent Capital Management Inc. He has developed product solutions for Exempt Market Dealers, Mutual Fund Reps, Independent Financial Planners, Insurance Agents and IIROC registrants. Mark holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is an active member of the Toronto CFA Society. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University in 1998.

An important question, how many of you have talked with your fund manager and discussed your goals and risk level? I can arrange a personal call with Mark to ensure that you feel comfortable with his style and feel confident you are making a great decision on who manages your investments. Mark and his team currently have five portfolio mandates: Income, Conservative, Balanced, Growth, and Alternative (a combination of several private equity products).

Please get in touch with me if you want to discuss having a portion of your wealth managed by Mark and his team. I will thoroughly review your financial plan. In addition, Accilent Capital always performs a comprehensive KYC (Know Your Client) interview as part of its onboarding process.

  1. 100K minimum individual or family assets.
  2. Important Note: Most active portfolio managers will not consider you unless you have one million or more investable assets.
  3. It can be any registered assets or cash.
  4. Target market: Those who do not want to take a big hit on your capital and those preparing for retirement or in retirement.

Please put in your calendar my next webinar with trend forecaster Martin Straith—on May 27, 10 am—45-minute webinar with Q&A to follow. I will interview Martin on what he sees as the most important trends. Here is a little about Martin: Trend News Inc. was founded in 2002 by Martin Straith. Martin had been a successful investor in the markets for over 40 years. After the DOT COM stock market crash, he felt that there needed to be an investment newsletter that helped educate investors on how to protect their wealth and become better, more successful investors.

Martin’s background was in the Information Technology arena, where he was a successful Project Manager. He used his system’s skills to develop models to link the interconnections between ALL markets, including Bonds, Currencies, Equities, Commodities, and Precious Metals.

I will provide a Zoom sign-up link in next week’s Blog, and I hope you join us.

All the best in 2023,

Bill Westmacott, Financial Educator and Life Insurance Broker

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