Will you have financial regrets on Dec. 31, 2021?


In my last blog, I encouraged you to review your current financial plan and provided many solutions. How are you doing? I meet with people regularly (some online and a few in-person), and the recurring theme is they lack financial education, whether it is a professional, business owner or individual. 

So, my number one recommendation for 2021 is to gain a better financial IQ. Where do I start? It depends on where you are in your current situation and what stage you are in life. But, never stop learning no matter what age you are. The financial world is never stagnant, and nor should you be in your learning. 

Another observation I have made after sitting down with hundreds of individuals over the last 15 years. Often people do not ask the right questions or dig deep enough. I love questions as an advisor, which tells me the person is engaged and takes their financial situation seriously. We sometimes need to address the harder topis too.

Without essential information and a clear understanding, most people will not make a wise decision or a decision at all. The flip side is paralysis by analysis. Overthinking things and still taking no action to improve your financial health. Remember, a solid wealth plan has many components. To avoid significant regrets in 2021, educate yourself and then take action and implement your most important priority.

Now let me ask you a few questions. 

  • What is your number one financial issue you need to address in 2021? 
  • Do you understand the risks in the markets?
  • Where are we in economic cycles?
  • Do you need to start a plan? 
  • Adjust your plan? 
  • Do you have proper life insurance?
  • Do you have critical illness insurance?
  • Start saving for essentials needs or dreams?
  • Too much debt? 
  • Is your spending out of control? Sorry for meddling!
  • What do you need to learn in 2021 that will improve your financial IQ?

So, we all have 358 days left in 2021 and let us not have a boatload of regret on December 31, 2021. No one should care more about your wealth than you. Wealth is not all-important, but it is vital and allows you many options. Remember, even gaining knowledge without taking action is pointless. 

PS, I will do my first webinar of the year in the next week or two to help educate you. “Why Life Insurance and Your Four Options.” You will know everything you need to know before you ever purchase a policy. I will send out an email invite soon.

Second, I am working on an online course called the “Wealth Foundations Series.” ideal for anyone ages 15 and beyond. The series will cover the essential things you will need to know about creating and protecting wealth. I will share my story (both the good and bad) based on over 25 years of business and investing experience. The financial disciplines you will need to acquire before you ever invest a dollar. It will be done in a video format, with a study guide. I hope to launch the course by March 31, 2021.  

So, I wish you a blessed and prosperous 2021!


Financial Education & Honest Solutions Create Success

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